Dec 16, 2016

Dave Sharpe, Part 3

Here are some more photos of Dave Sharpe.

Below: Dave was an exceptional athlete and gymnast. In 1930, he leaps over Grady Sutton in this publicity photo for Hal Roach's, "Boy Friends," series. Also in the photo (left to right) are Mary Kornman, Dorothy Granger, Grady Sutton, Mickey Daniels, and Gertrude Messinger.

Below: Dave does one of his "flying leaps" onto fellow stuntman and close friend, Jimmy Fawcett, in the Republic serial, "King of the Royal Mounted" (1940) which had location filming at Big Bear Lake in California.

Below: Range Buster Dave gives stuntman Tom Steele a sock on the jaw in "Texas to Bataan" (1942)

Below: In 1952, Dave was profiled in LIFE magazine. He performed a couple of window crashes for a LIFE photographer. This photo is an unused shot.

 Below: Another unused photo from the LIFE magazine shoot. Dave gets into his pads.

Below: Dave (center) appeared in the "Day of the Dove" (1968) episode of "Star Trek." On the left is William Shatner.

In the 1970's, Dave appeared at several film conventions, including the famed Houstoncon.

Here is a short video of Dave.