May 11, 2016

Freebie and the Bean, Part One

Here are some rare photos from the 1974 action comedy, "Freebie and the Bean" directed by Richard Rush (The Stunt Man). Chuck Bail was the stunt coordinator and second unit director.

Below: Professional speedway racer, Mike Bast, performed some amazing motorcycle riding stunts for James Caan.

 Below: Here is a shot of Mike on the set of "The Gumball Rally" (1976). To his right, is director Chuck Bail.

Below: Chuck Bail confers with director Richard Rush (left) as stuntmen Ted Duncan (with beard) and Gray Johnson (wearing hat) listen.

Below: Richard Rush demonstrates to stuntwoman Regina Parton how he wants her to play the scene. Chuck Bail is standing in for Alan Arkin.

Below: Here's how it looked in the film.

Below: Chuck Bail (left) and stuntman Eddy Donno.

Below: Eddy Donno dives through a window-

  and lands on Chuck Bail. Next to Chuck is stuntman Jim Nickerson.

 Below: Chuck Bail (right) played a car salesman and is roughed up by stars Alan Arkin and James Caan.