Mar 8, 2015

Jock Mahoney

Jock Mahoney (1919-1989), besides being an incredibly talented stuntman, was one of the few who became a movie and TV star. Born Jacques O'Mahoney, Jock excelled at swimming, basketball, and football at the University of Iowa. During World War II, Jock was a Marine flight instructor. After the war, Jock moved to Los Angeles and worked as a horse breeder. He soon became a stuntman doubling Charles Starrett in the Durango Kid westerns. Jock also doubled Gregory Peck, Errol Flynn, Randolph Scott, and Rod Cameron.

Below: Jock was very funny in the Three Stooges short, "Out West" (1947).

Below: Doubling Errol Flynn, Jock made a name for himself within the stunt community by performing this flying leap from a standing position in "Adventures of Don Juan" (1948). The catcher is Paul Baxley.

Below: In 1951, Jock starred in the TV series, "The Range Rider," which was executive produced by Gene Autry. In the series, Jock got to display his stunt skills along with Dick Jones, who played his sidekick.

Below: Jock starred in the 15 chapter Columbia serial, "Gunfighters of the Northwest" (1954).

Below: Jock became the 13th actor to portray Tarzan.

Below: In 1952, Jock married actress Margaret Field (far left). They had a daughter, Princess O'Mahoney (2nd from left), and Jock became the stepfather to actress Sally Field (3rd from left).

Below: Jock made appearances at several film conventions in the 1970's. This was at Houstoncon '75. Left to right: Don "Red" Barry, Jock, and Kirk Alyn.

Below: Jock at a Los Angeles film convention in 1979 (Photos taken by blog administrator).

Below: Jock Mahoney and Rodd Redwing (with series co-star Dick Jones doubling Redwing) in an exciting fight from the "Range Rider" episode, "Indian War Party" (1953)