Apr 8, 2014

Jack Verbois

Jack Verbois (b. 1942) was a professional bull rider in 1964 and 1965 when he was asked to fight a bull for "Alvarez Kelly" (1966) that was being filmed in his hometown. This started his 32 year career as a stuntman. He has worked on many films including "The Towering Inferno" (1974), "The Deer Hunter" (1978), "Scarface" (1983), "Predator" (1987), and "Casino" (1995). He was a member and former president of the Stuntmen's Association.

Below: Jack appeared in "What's Up, Doc?" (1972)

and performed this stunt crashing through a huge window.

Jack had five pound plates attached to his boots to help break the glass. 

The stuntmen holding the glass are Eddie Robinson (left) and Dick Butler (right).

Below: Jack (left) appeared with Robert Urich (center) and Scott Hylands (right) in the "Blood Brother" episode of "Kung Fu" (1973).

Below: Jack performed this impressive stunt in "Soylent Green" (1973)

Here is the stunt.

Below: Jack (right) had a featured role in Peter Bogdanovich's "Nickelodeon" (1976) starring Ryan O'Neal and Burt Reynolds.

Below: Jack Verbois and Chuck Waters are hanging from a helicopter in "The Deer Hunter" (1978).

Below: Jack put his riding skills to good use in "Butch and Sundance: The Early Days" (1979).

Below: Also from "Butch and Sundance: The Early Days." Top row: (left to right) Ann Chatterton, Buddy Van Horn, and Tony Epper. Bottom row: Bob Yerkes and Jack Verbois.

Below: Jack did some wing walking for an episode of "Salvage 1" (1979).

Below: Jack (left) in a scene from the "HX-1" episode of "Airwolf" (1984). On the right is stuntman Allan Graf.

Here's an extra photo. Jack (left) and Hal Needham give stuntman Paul Nuckles a push on the set of "C. C. and Company" (1970) which starred Joe Namath and Ann-Margret.
(Photo courtesy Jack Verbois)