Mar 29, 2014

Duke Green

William "Duke" Green (1900-1984)

Duke Green started his stunt career in 1925 when he was hired to double John Barrymore in "The Sea Beast." He has doubled for actors including Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, and J. Carrol Naish. He worked on many serials and B-westerns and other films including "King Kong" (1933), "Dodge City" (1939), and "The Great Race" (1965).

Below: Duke Green in an early magazine article about stuntmen.

Below: Duke Green (left) struggles with stuntman Tom Steele in the 1943 Republic serial, "The Masked Marvel."

Below: Duke (right) played a henchman in the Republic serial, The Black Widow" (1947). On the left is Anthony Warde

and performed this leap onto stuntmen Tom Steele and Dale Van Sickel.

In 1950, Duke broke his neck while performing a stunt on "The Flame and the Arrow" starring Burt Lancaster. He had many painful operations and never fully recovered. 

Below: From "Spy Smasher" (1942). Here's an example of why Duke Green was affectionately known as "Crazy Duke."