Apr 5, 2014

Buzz Henry

Robert "Buzz" Henry (1931-1971)

Buzz Henry was born in Colorado. He started working in films at a very young age. He was cast in many westerns because of his excellent riding ablility. He starred in several independent films including, "Buzzy Rides the Range" (1940) and "Buzzy and the Phantom Pinto" (1941).  As an adult, he became a stuntman and doubled for actors including Glenn Ford, Frank Sinatra, and James Coburn.

Buzz was the second unit director on films including "Our Man Flint" (1966), "The Wild Bunch" (1969), and "The Cowboys" (1972) starring John Wayne.

Below: Buzz co-starred in the Columbia serial, "Son of the Guardsman" (1946). On the left is Robert Shaw (not the actor from "Jaws").

Below: In 1946, Buzz appeared in another Columbia serial, "Hop Harrigan." Left to right: Sumner Getchell, Buzz Henry, William Bakewell, and Jennifer Holt.

Below: A lobby card featuring Buzz.

Below: (left to right) Buzz Henry, Kathleen Case, and Dick Jones in a publicity still from "Last of the Pony Riders" (1953).

Below: Buzz (right) doubling Glenn Ford in "The Sheepman" (1958).

Below: Buzz had a supporting role in "Cowboy" (1958).

Also from "Cowboy," (left to right): Glenn Ford, Richard Jaeckel, Jack Lemmon, and Buzz Henry.

Below: Stuntmen on "Major Dundee" (1965). Top row: (left to right) Whitey Hughes, Buzz Henry, Jerry Brown, and Hal Needham.
Center row: (left to right) Bill Catching, Jerry Gatlin, and Chuck Hayward.
Bottom row: (left to right) Jim Sheppard and Carl Pitti.

Below: Buzz (left) received a "Special Action Sequences" credit for "In Like Flint" (1967) starring James Coburn (right).

Below: Buzz appeared in the "Mannix" episode, "End of the Rainbow" (1968).

Below: Stunt coordinator and second unit director, Buzz Henry, on the set of "The Cowboys."

Buzz had made a deal with Universal Pictures to direct his first movie. He also bought himself a Ferrari. On Sept. 30, 1971, he was in a bar that used be across the street from Warner Bros. Burbank studios. He was having a discussion on whether a Ferrari or a motorcycle could handle best around curves. They decided to see for themselves and went to nearby Forest Lawn Drive. As Buzz was racing the motorcycle, he crashed and was killed. He was 40 years old.