Apr 8, 2014

Richard Talmadge

One of the pioneers of the stunt profession, Richard Talmadge (1892-1981) was born in Germany as Sylvester Alphonse Metz. He first came to the USA as a member of the famed acrobats, the Metzetti troupe, with his brothers Victor and Otto, that had been engaged by the Barnum and Bailey circus. He began in films working with Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

With Fairbanks help, Richard began starring in silent films. His stunts and spectacular leaps were truly death defying. 

Below: Richard Talmadge makes an amazing leap in his only starring serial, "Pirate Treasure" (Universal, 1934).

Below: Richard did a lot of fighting and stunts in "Pirate Treasure."

but, he also found time to relax between takes.

Below: Richard Talmadge in "Never Too Late" (1935).

Richard went on to become a top second unit director with credits including "How the West was Won" (1962), "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (1965), "What's New Pussycat" (1965), and "Casino Royale" (1967).

Here is a video of Richard Talmadge.