Feb 21, 2014

Fred Graham

Fred Graham (1908-1979)

In 1928, Fred Graham was working for the MGM sound department and playing semi-pro baseball. He was hired to tutor Robert Young and Nat Pendleton on how to play the game for a murder mystery called "Death on the Diamond" (1934), and this started him on a more than 40 year career as a stuntman and actor.

Fred was considered one of the best fight men in the business, and he doubled for stars including John Wayne, Clark Gable, and Gregory Peck.

Below: In "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938), Fred, doubling Basil Rathbone, broke his ankle while performing this stunt.

Below: A charity baseball game. Left to right: Fred Graham, unidentified, stuntman Buster Wiles, and actors Victor Jory and Guinn "Big Boy" Williams.

Below: Fred has his gun trained on Dick Purcell in "Captain America" (1944), a 15 chapter Republic serial.

Below: In the Republic serial, "The Purple Monster Strikes" (1945), Fred is about to give George Chesebro a working over while Bud Geary watches.

Below: Fred (right) fights Red Ryder, played by Wild Bill Elliott, in "Great Stagecoach Robbery" (Republic, 1945).

Below: In a scene from "Dakota" (1945), stuntman Cliff Lyons holds John Wayne as Fred Graham is about to throw a punch while Mike Mazurki watches.

Below: In "Heart of the Rockies" (1951), Fred (left) is questioned by Roy Rogers and Penny Edwards.

In 1968, Fred moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. While there, he was the head of the Arizona Film Commission until 1976.