Jan 14, 2014

Stuntmen's Association

This photo (courtesy Chuck Bail) is from the second meeting of the newly formed Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures in 1961. 
 Top row: (left to right) Richard Farnsworth, Henry Wills, Jack Williams, Chuck Roberson, Dick Dial, Billy Shannon, Jesse Wayne, unidentified, and Bennie Dobbins.

Center row: (left to right) unidentified (front), Bill Catching (back), unidentified, Tom Sweet, Dick Geary, unidentified, Ray Saunders, Chuck Bail, Howard Curtis, Bill Hart, George Robotham, Carey Loftin, Gil Perkins, and George Sawaya.

Bottom row: (left to right) Boyd "Red" Morgan, Janos Prohaska, Bob Herron, Dale Van Sickel, Wally Rose, Reg Parton, Dick Crockett, and Loren Janes.

Here is a photo from another Stuntmen's Association meeting in the 1960's.

Top row: (left to right) George Robotham, Carey Loftin, Gil Perkins, Dick Geary, Jerry Summers, Jack Perkins, Ronnie Rondell, and Richard Farnsworth.

Bottom row: (left to right) Bill Hickman, Dale Van Sickel, Reg Parton, Wally Rose, Bob Herron, Harvey Parry, Bill Catching, and Chuck Hayward.