Jun 15, 2013

Gary Littlejohn

 Gary Littlejohn (b. 1937) has worked as a stuntman and actor on over 300 films. He is also well known as a motorcycle customizer. When his work began appearing on magazine covers, American International Pictures asked him to supply the motorcycles on Roger Corman's "The Wild Angels" (1966.)  This led to a new career for Littlejohn. For the next several years, he would build and coordinate motorcycles for almost every motorcycle film AIP made. He also began working as an actor and stuntman on these films. Littlejohn also made a name for himself building custom BMX bicycles, including the Littlejohn sidehack (a sidecar mounted BMX bike.)

Below: Gary (right) appeared in Richard Rush's "The Savage Seven" (1967). Carrying the girl is stuntman Gary Kent.

That's Gary on the cover of a motorcycle magazine in 1968 with the same bike he built and rode in "The Savage Seven."

Below: a magazine ad for Gary's products.

Below: Gary played a Sheriff in Terrence Malick's "Badlands" (1973) starring Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek.

Below: Gary Littlejohn (left) and director/stuntman Chuck Bail (right) on the set of "The Gumball Rally" (1976).