Nov 24, 2012

Walter Wyatt

Walter Wyatt (1939-1986) was raised in Bakersfield, CA. He grew up around horses and cattle. He became interested in rodeo. He finished fourth in the country among steer wrestlers in 1966 and was in the top ten in two other years. He won most of the rodeos held annually in California two or three times.

Below: Walter and stuntman Jim Burk (left) are up to no good in a movie called "Hijack" (1974) starring David Janssen.

Walter (center) appeared in the Steve McQueen film, "Tom Horn" (1980) along with Jim "Two Dogs" Burgdorf (left) and stuntman Jerry Wills (right)
He also performed this saddle fall.

From an early age, Walter had osteomyelitis (infection of the bone or bone marrow) and passed away at the age of 46.