Nov 5, 2012

Tom Steele

Tom Steele (1909-1990) was a skilled horseman and played polo competitively prior to becoming a stuntman. He worked extensively at Republic Pictures and appeared in many of their serials and B-Westerns. He doubled actors including Wild Bill Elliot, Rod Cameron, and Clayton Moore.

Below: On the set of "The Plainsman" (1936). Left to right: stuntmen Bud Wolfe, Tom Steele, and Buster Wiles.

Below: Tom had the title role in the 1943 Republic serial, "The Masked Marvel" but received no screen credit for his work.

Below: Lobby card for the 1944 Republic serial, "Captain America." Left to right: George J. Lewis, Tom Steele, and Dick Purcell.

Tom performed one of the first full body burns in "The Thing from Another World" (1951)

Tom, between Ernest Borgnine and Gene Hackman, appeared in "The Poseidon Adventure" (1973)

Tom, with stuntwoman Evelyn Finley, had an amusing bit in "Freebie and the Bean" (1975)