Nov 4, 2012

Jerry Summers

Jerry Summers (1931-2006) had a busy career as a stuntman. He worked on many films including "Spartacus" (1960), "The Green Berets" (1968), and "The French Connection" (1971). He was also a stunt driver on "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV series.

Below: Jerry appeared in "The Wild Wild West" episode, "The Night of the Big Blast" (1966)
and performed a sword fight with the great Dave Sharpe.

Below: Jerry (bottom right) had a recurring role as Ira in the first season of "The High Chaparral" (1967)

Below: From the "Tag, You're It" episode of "I Spy" (1968). Far left: Jerry Summers. Behind Jerry is stuntman Chuck Couch. On the far right is stuntman George Sawaya. Behind George is stuntman Joe Canutt.

Jerry (right) confronts Clint Eastwood in "Coogan's Bluff" (1968). On the left is stuntman Paul Baxley.

Jerry appeared in the James Bond film, "Diamonds are Forever" (1971). Left to right: Sean Connery, Norman Burton, and Jerry Summers.