Nov 14, 2012

Bobby Sargent

Bobby Sargent, a Texas born gymnastic and diving champion, had been traveling the world performing a high diving act. After returning home to Austin, he came to the attention of stunt coordinator Carey Loftin, who was working on the movie, "Outlaw Blues" (1977). Loftin was impressed by Bobby's gymnastic talents and hired him to perform stunts and double star Peter Fonda. When Bobby moved to Los Angeles, he was chosen by Hal Needham to be Burt Reynolds' stunt double. Bobby went on to coordinate stunts and direct. He also formed his own production company.

In 1973, Bobby won the famed Acapulco cliff diving competition. In the photo below, Bobby prepares for a practice dive for that contest.

Below: Bobby Sargent performed this 125 ft. high dive at an expo in Canada.

 Below: Bobby dives out of the path of a speedboat in "Outlaw Blues" (1977)

Below: Bobby performed this high fall for a movie called "The Pack" (1978)

 Bobby fell 130 feet from the Monument bridge in St. Louis for the film "Stingray" (1978)

Bobby doubled Kirk Douglas in "The Villain" (1979) which co-starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ann-Margret. Director Hal Needham can be seen walking behind Bobby.

Bobby doubled Burt Reynolds in "Smokey and the Bandit II" (1980)

Doubling Jack Starrett, Bobby falls out of a helicopter in "First Blood" (1981) starring Sylvester Stallone as Rambo.

Below: Bobby appeared in the "Deadly Ambition" episode of "T.J. Hooker" (1982)

Here is a stunt Bobby performed on an episode of "T. J. Hooker."