Oct 30, 2012

The Great Race

Here's an amazing gathering of stuntmen and women. This is from the barroom brawl scene from Blake Edwards' "The Great Race" (1965)
Front row (left to right) Harvey Parry, Bill Hickman, Gil Perkins, Bill Catching, Bob Rose, Alex Sharp, and Bob Hoy, holding action director Dick Crockett. Standing (left to right) Troy Melton, Helen Thurston, Dale Van Sickel, Mary Statler, Dave Sharpe, Reg Parton, Donna Hall (front), Patti Saunders (back), Chuck Hicks, Howard Curtis, Paul Stader, John Hudkins, George Robotham, Tom Steele, Charles Horvath, and Jack Perkins. (Left to right) Hal Needham, Al Wyatt (front), Richard Farnsworth (back), Sol Gorss, Roy Jenson, Dean Smith, Sharon Lucas, Jerry Catron, Stephanie Epper, and Carey Loftin. (Top left) Dick Geary, Ronnie Rondell, Boyd "Red" Morgan, Jerry Summers, and Wally Rose.