Oct 19, 2012

Jerry Catron

Jerry Catron (1927-1972) worked as a stuntman and actor in the 1960's. He appeared in shows like "Batman," "Gunsmoke," "Star Trek," "Gomer Pyle," "Land of the Giants," "Bewitched," and many others.

Below: Jerry Catron (right) played the role of Carrothers in "The Idol" episode of "Whispering Smith" (1961) starring Audie Murphy. Stuntman Dave Sharpe (left) is doubling co-star Guy Mitchell.

Jerry Catron (far right) ready for a fight scene in "Palm Springs Weekend" (1963)

Below: Jerry (left) appeared with Jim Nabors in the "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C." episode, "They Shall Not Pass" (1964)

Below: Jerry Catron (left), doubling Mark Goddard, fights with Guy Williams in the "Follow the Leader" episode of "Lost in Space" (1966)

Below: Jerry Catron had a featured role in "The Fossil Men" episode of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1967).

Below: Jerry Catron is bulldogged by stuntman Chuck Bail in a La Palina cigar commercial.

Jerry Catron in "The Doomsday Machine" episode of "Star Trek" (1967)

Below: Jerry appeared in "Point Blank" (1967).

and was smashed in the face with a bottle by Lee Marvin.

Jerry was working a lot. He had a nice home with a guest house in back near Republic Studios. Then, he just disappeared.

In the early 1970's, Chuck Bail was working on "Freebie and the Bean" in San Francisco. As the second unit director, he was setting up a shot when he heard a voice behind him say, "Hi, Chuck." When Chuck turned around, there was Jerry Catron. Surprised, Chuck said Jerry was wearing a blue Navy watch hat and pea coat and looked down on his luck. Chuck said to Jerry, "I have to get this shot, but don't leave, I want to talk to you." When Chuck returned, Jerry was gone.

According to actor Mark Goddard, Jerry died in a hang gliding accident. He flew into high tension wires and was electrocuted.