Oct 14, 2012

Gary Kent

Gary Kent has worn many hats in the movie business. His talents include:

Director (Rainy Day Friends, The Pyramid)
Producer (The House of Seven Corpses - associate)
Writer (Street Corner Justice, Rainy Day Friends)
Actor (Satan's Sadists, The Thrill Killers)
Stuntman (Hell's Angels on Wheels, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
Special Effects (Targets, Psych-Out)
Assistant Director (Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Lost-1983)
Production Manager (Phantom of the Paradise, Schoolgirls in Chains)
Set Decorator (Single Room Furnished)
Electrician (The War Lord, Land of the Giants)

Below, Gary Kent is shot off a stagecoach in "Ride in the Whirlwind" (1965)
The stagecoach driver is former motorcycle daredevil Harry Woolman.

Gary co-starred with Mercedes McCambridge in "Run Home Slow" (1965)

Gary worked with Peter Bogdanovich in "Targets" (1968) starring Boris Karloff.

Gary did acting, stunts, and special effects in Richard Rush's "Psych-Out" (1968)

Gary had a leading role in Al Adamson's "Satan's Sadists" (1969)

Here is a behind the scenes photo from "Satan's Sadists."
Left to right: Gary Kent, Jackie Taylor, and cinematographer Gary Graver.

Below, Gary Kent and Bud Cardos from "Satan's Sadists" (1969)

Gary Kent and Bud Cardos in 2009.

Gary was the stunt coordinator in the cult classic, "Bubba Ho-Tep" (2002)
Left to right: Don Coscarelli, Bob Ivy, Daniel Roebuck, and Gary Kent.